Vanilla Pound Cake

Pound cake is the best friend of the dessert world. It’s not fussy. It can be dressed up with whipped cream and berries, slathered with butter and placed on a grill, or simply sliced and enjoyed alongside a steaming cup of coffee. It’s happy to be loved exactly as it is. Continue reading “Vanilla Pound … [Read more…]

Etsy Is Having a Huge Birthday Sale — Here Are Our Favorite Finds — Deal of the Day

Believe it or not, Etsy is now 13 years old. Which means, if it were a person, it could officially see PG-13 movies and yell things like, “UGH, you just don’t understand.” But because it’s an online marketplace for creators, a 13th birthday just means an excuse to have a sale. The sale, which runs … [Read more…]

Rachael Ray Says Suck It Up and Cry While You're Chopping Onions — Pop Culture

It seems like the older I get, the more likely I am to cry at car commercials, at greeting cards, and at whatever random rom-com I watch during an overnight flight. And this year’s World Cup has sent my lacrimal ducts into overdrive: I’ve sniffled through Iceland’s Coca-Cola commercial (which was directed by the team’s … [Read more…]