Meal Plan for February Week 4

I often try to keep Monday dinners super simple, but lately I’ve found that it’s Wednesday nights that have been the troublemaker. By this time in the week, everyone’s starting to get tired from the pace of the work (and daycare) week, and yet it’s just not quite close enough to Friday to let our … [Read more…]

Are Lodge Dutch Ovens Really as Good as Le Creuset and Staub? — Shopping

Any conversation about enameled Dutch ovens always boils down to the big three: Le Creuset, Staub, and Lodge. These are the classics, the stalwarts, the ones that consistently get the best reviews, year after year. They’re also the brands that have literally built their businesses on cast iron, while others are just dabblers looking to … [Read more…]

How To Make Chicken Bone Broth on the Stovetop or Slow Cooker — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Bone broth, or a long-cooking, enriched stock, has moved from trend to bonafide kitchen staple with big brands and chefs rallying around this liquid gold. While beef bone broth gets the most fanfare, you can indeed make bone broth from chicken. Not only will this thick, gorgeous stock make for a better chicken-noodle soup, but … [Read more…]

How To Make French Onion Soup in the Slow Cooker — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

When I discovered that you can make caramelized onions in the slow cooker with no stirring and virtually no work, it was only a small step from there to French onion soup. Although I’ve made this bistro favorite the classic, Julia-inspired way, now that I know how to make it in the slow cooker, I’m … [Read more…]

Next Week's Meal Plan: 5 Thrifty & Tasty Meals for Budget-Saving Meal Plans — Next Week's Meal Plan

Let’s talk about budget meal planning today. Admittedly, wallet-conscious dinner ideas and strategies aren’t the most exciting subject, but grocery budgets are real and mastering them does make dinner less stressful — and that’s the whole point of meal planning. Don’t think that you need to cook dried beans or shop at the discount grocery … [Read more…]

The Water Bottle That Makes It Easier to Drink More Water Is Currently on Sale — Amazon Deal of the Day

Saying “water is good for you” is the understatement of year. (We’ll bet our paychecks on it even though it’s only February!) And while we’re all likely drinking enough to stay alive, upping water intake has plenty of science-based perks that include things like decreased fatigue and better moods. READ MORE »

Instant Pot Tells Customers to Stop Using This Model Due to Risk of Overheating — Food News

Not even a month after Milo Ventimiglia had to make a Super Bowl ad to tell everyone their Crock-Pots were safe and would not catch fire unless they were living in a fictional TV melodrama, Instant Pot is actually warning customers to check their slow cookers, because some of them have been reportedly overheating and … [Read more…]

These Are the Biggest New Wedding Cake Trends, According to Pinterest — Food Trends

What’s the first thing a couple does after getting engaged? Hopefully it’s inform all their friends and family, but right after that the happy couple is most likely heading to Pinterest to start their wedding planning boards. It seems like everybody uses Pinterest for wedding planning, and that means Pinterest is uniquely well-suited to predict … [Read more…]

How To Make Beef Bone Broth on the Stove or in a Slow Cooker — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

In the last few years, bone broth has become a grocery store staple. While you could always find beef broth or stock in the soup aisle of your grocery store, it wasn’t until recently that you could find bone broth being sold as well, let alone being served like a latté at the coffee counter. … [Read more…]